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Parking Guidance System Ultrasonic Sensors

AG Echo Ultrasonic level sensors measure the distance or presence of target objects by sending a pulsed ultrasound wave at the object and then measuring the time for the sound echo to return. Knowing the speed of sound, the sensor can determine the distance of the object.

How Parking Guidance System works:

  1. Ultrasonic sensor is based on ultrasonic principle where time is measured by emission of sonic signal & return of its echo to determine the presence of vehicle.
  2. Detect, Count and Indicate the vacant places.
  3. Vacancy Indicator & Display Panels are based on L.E.D. technology to minimize power consumption & increase visibility with long maintenance-free life.
  4. Master Controller interface with other Parking devices & Zone Controller manages the information on a car park zone or level & communicates with other Zone Controllers & Master Controller.

Benefits of Parking Guidance System:

  • It is estimated that 30% of traffic congestion during parking is attributed to vehicle looking for parking space (source Traffic Technology International)
  • Cost optimization by progressive openings of levels as necessary. Closed levels can save electricity by switching off lighting.
  • Validation of the premium charged for parking by providing efficient and user friendly parking facility.

Advantages to Parking Area Management:

  • Increase in Car Park Capacity - Due to reduction of circulation space.
  • Increase in Lot Utilization - Lots in hidden / obscured areas get used.
  • Reduces Congestion and Improves Traffic Flow - Drivers know where to go.
  • Vast improvement in the image & ambience of the Car Parking area.
  • Faster Turnaround of Cars into the Car Parking area.
  • Self-Diagnostic Features - Convenient for management.
  • Customer Satisfaction - More likely to return.
  • Statistical Information - Trends can be monitored.
  • Increased Security within the Car Parking area.
  • Increase in Revenue
  • Less pollution
  • Cost Effective Solution

Advantage to Car driver:

  • Shorter Waiting Time at Car Park Entrance
  • Guided to Nearest Available Parking Space
  • No Need to Search, Less Stressful
  • Saves Fuel and Reduces Tyre Wear
  • Gains Precious Time, More time to Shop or Dine
  • Prevent Drivers Fighting over Parking Space
  • Car Parking – A pleasant experience for the motorist